ABA League – Clarification Regarding Clubs Participating in the 2013-14 Euroleague

Feb 25, 2013 by Euroleague.net Print
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Euroleague Basketball would like to clarify the qualification criteria for the clubs coming from the ABA League to participate in the 2013-14 Euroleague.

As agreed during the ECA Shareholders Meeting held last July, 5, 2012, the Country Ranking that will be followed to allocate the B – Licences for the 2013-14 season can be found at the following link:


As stated in the 2012-13 Euroleague Bylaws:

Article 8. B Licences
Each year ECA will grant B Licences to the clubs whose teams have won their National Championship in the previous season according to the place that their country occupies in the Euroleague Country Ranking elaborated by ECA (Appendix I). Additionally, ECA may grant licences to the clubs ranked in the second or third place of their National Championship according to the place that their country occupies in the Euroleague Country Ranking.

The definition of “National Championship” is:



Definitions, Object and Euroleague Licences

Article 1. Definitions
m) “National Championship” refers to the main competition of a League/country, from beginning to end, including the Regular Season and the Playoffs.

Therefore the ABA League Champion, Second and Third Placed Team from beginning to end includes all ABA Final Four games. These three teams have the opportunity to participate in the 2013-14 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Regular Season or Qualifying Rounds by obtaining a B Licence.

The Euroleague Bylaws can be downloaded from the official Euroleague Basketball websites:


Euroleague Basketball would also like to correct the statements made by Mr. Josip Bilic, ABA League CEO, that appeared during the past weekend in several media outlets, by clarifying the fact that the participants qualifying for the Euroleague are governed by the Euroleague Bylaws and not those of each individual National Championship, as is also the case for other international club competitions.

Due to the current situation, Euroleague Basketball is currently in talks with the ABA League President, who is a member of the ECA Shareholders Meeting as well as the Executive Board, in order to find a solution to be applied only for the current season, which protects the sporting interests of the clubs participating in the 2012-13 ABA League. Once reached, this solution will be communicated by Euroleague Basketball in the coming days.