EB Institute Annual Workshops continue run-up to 2018-19 season

Jun 29, 2018 by Euroleague.net Print
EB Institute Annual Workshops continue run-up to 2018-19 season

After players and coaches filled the opening week of the EB Institute Annual Workshops, executives from 40 clubs across Europe will take their turn at planning, sharing ideas and advocating for a great fan experience with four more days' worth of meetings and seminars next week, culminating in the launch of the new 2018-19 season in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup!

The first week of July is traditionally reserved for the executives from the best European clubs to participate in a series of working sessions designed to improve the continent's two strongest competitions on all levels and start the clock running toward a new season.

The EB Institute Annual Workshops recommence at Euroleague Basketball headquarters on Monday, July 2, with the EuroLeague Media Directors Meeting, bringing together club professionals specializing in media and communications to explore best practices on ever-expanding digital and social media platforms in order to grow the competition's fan base, and in particular, to help younger fans get hooked on basketball.

A day later, marketing and ticketing directors from all EuroLeague clubs will meet for their respective workshops. At the EuroLeague Marketing Directors Meeting, they will review their experiences from last season, when digital campaigns with Euroleague Basketball sponsors and partners took off exponentially, while discussing a wide range of ideas on how to keep that momentum going strong. The EuroLeague Ticketing Directors Meeting will act as a forum where ticket sales executives from all EuroLeague clubs can jointly discuss their ticket sales performance and help each other find solutions for the challenges that lay ahead with the aid of longtime Euroleague Basketball consultant Marshall Glickman, CEO, G2 Strategic, and Ramon Alarcon, Director and General Manager, Real Betis.

The activities will continue on Wednesday, July 4 with the day-long Euroleague Basketball Business Summit, which hosts the commercial staff and top business executives of all 40 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup clubs and features guest speakers such as David Hopkinson, Chief Commercial Officer, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment; Spencer Nolan, Global Head of Media, Nielsen Sports; Frederic Longuepee, Chief Commercial Officer, Paris 2024; and Ramon Alarcon, Director and General Manager, Real Betis; as well as participants from the recent Euroleague Basketball Tech Challenge, Albert Rodes, CEO, Watchity and Daniel Waiss, CEO, NFC Sound. They will all provide knowledge, inspiration and best practices from not just the sports industry but from business in general for clubs to put into practice as soon as next season.

Thursday, July 5 will begin with all 24 clubs of the EuroCup Clubs Meeting setting the agenda for the 17th consecutive season in their competition. They are to be followed by the ECA Shareholders Meeting, whose 16 clubs are set to approve expansion plans, new initiatives and business strategies going forward.

Throughout the week, recognition for the best performers at the management level last season will be announced, including the Gianluigi Porelli EuroLeague Executive of the Year awards, as well as the Devotion Marketing gold, silver and bronze awards.

The week-long festivities conclude Thursday afternoon with the draw for the new 7DAYS EuroCup season, which will be streamed live. When that is complete, all 40 Euroleague Basketball teams will know who their opponents will be going into a 2018-19 season that promises non-stop fun for fans.