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Community partner: AFIS 01 IJS

Social issue: Physical Disability

Ambassadors: Maxime Roos

Main life skills: Self-confidence, tolerance

About the program:

After being named best One Team newcomer last season, JL Bourg continues to work with AFIS Association, which supports local people who suffer from deafness. A group of ten children aged between 11 and 16 are taking advantage of the knowledge of the staff to develop their basketball soul and learn different life skills. One of the most important goals is that children gain self-confidence, develop a high sense of esteem for themselves and their culture. This project also aims to face the difficulty of getting out of the comfort zone, and learning problem-solving skills with an emphasis on tolerance and open-mindedness. The program consists of nine sessions with the main theme of ‘Think JL’, a community-driven movement aimed at initiating new virtuous cycles, while maintaining a strong commitment to the club and its partners. The program is supported by local sponsors Aésio Mutuelle and Altia Constructions.