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Community Partner: Bellevue di Monaco

Social Issue: Community Cohesion – Refugees

Ambassador: Sylvain Francisco, Issac Bonga

Main Life Skills: Communication, cooperation

About the program:

Bayern Munich collaborates once again with Bellevue di Monaco for its One Team program. The Bavarian Club addresses an important social issue for its community: the integration of the refugees. To approach this topic, Bayern has collaborated with Bellevue di Monaco, a residential and cultural center for refugees and interested Munich residents in the heart of the city. The social entity organizes diverse cultural programs, such as theatre, concerts, readings, language courses and training. The collaboration between Bayern and Bellevue di Monaco goes back several years, but with the club’s One Team program, the partnership is now ready to be taken to a new level.

Over a seven-month period, refugees from the center will benefit from the One Team sessions organized by the club’s One Team coaches. The program focuses on trying to achieve real positive change in the participants’ daily routines. BayWa is supporting the program during another season as the One Team partner and Bayern players Sylvain Francisco and Issac Bonga join the program as One Team Ambassadors.