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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball

Community partner: Mahites

Social issue: Physical and Intellectual Disabilities

Ambassador: Giorgos Tanoulis

Main life skills: Integration, team-building skills

About the program:

Promitheas Patras has decided to collaborate with Mahites (Fighters) once again, which is a private organization that tends to the needs of people with mental and physical disabilities. The goal of Mahites is to focus on the prevention of social exclusion and to strengthen social acceptance of the collective. As part of its One Team program, Promitheas Patras has welcomed 16 individuals from different genders, all of whom are between the ages of 20 and 30 and have physical and mental disabilities. Promitheas Patras aspires to make the participants feel embraced in the sporting community, and it looks to use sports as a way of improving life skills by working together as a team and achieving goals together. The participants will be also gifted with tickets to the team's home games, while they will also receive basketballs and jerseys. The 15 90-minute-long sessions will take place twice a month, starting from October 2022 and ending in May 2023.