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Community partner: Co.Ge.S. don Lorenzo Milani Società Cooperativa Sociale

Social issue: Community cohesion - refugees

Ambassador: Davide Casarin

Main life skills: Communication, confidence, respect, cooperation and problem solving

About the program:

For the second consecutive season, Umana Reyer Venice has joined forces with Co.Ge.S don Lorenzo Milani Società Cooperativa Sociale to deliver its One Team program. Co.Ge.S. don Lorenzo Milani Società Cooperativa Sociale is social entity that accommodates resident minors who are temporarily without parental care and minors who are in a state of neglect and/or who are subject to proceedings before the Juvenile Court, in addition to unaccompanied foreign minors and foreign minors seeking asylum. Co.Ge.S delivers a different educational project whereby foreign minors are guaranteed a path of primary literacy. These individuals also receive support from first and second grade secondary schools, along with Vocational Training Centers in the province and Permanent Territorial Centers. School placements of minors are assessed according to the child’s age, skills and abilities. A group of retired volunteer teachers support community workers in after-school and assisted-study activities, too.

The group of 10 to 15 young people aged 14-17 attend One Team sessions held at Taliercio Gym and/or Ancillotto Gym two to three times per month. Reyer's program looks to support refugees and help integrate them into society by using the One Team sessions as a tool to encourage the attainment of many skills: autonomy; self-esteem; the ability to collaborate with others, to be generous and respectful; to provide an opportunity to meet new people and communicate outside of their communities; to learn Italian; and, most importantly, have a lot of fun.

Reyer guard Davide Casarin is supporting this season’s program as the club’s One Team Ambassador.