Independent disciplinary judge fines Zalgiris Kaunas

Mar 15, 2013 by Print
Euroleague Basketball

The Turkish Airlines Euroleague's independent disciplinary judge has sanctioned Zalgiris Kaunas with a fine of €25.000 for the aggressions by the public on the player of Real Madrid, Rudy Fernandez after the Game10 of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Top 16 on Thursday, March 7 at Zalgirio Arena.

After evaluating all the required documentation from both teams and the competition, the Independent Disciplinary Judge has fined Zalgiris Kaunas, with €25.000. The Judge has considered as mitigating factors, the following facts:

· “The aggressors were arrested, identified and are, apparently, under criminal investigation.”
· “The situation was promptly settled thanks to Real Madrid staff, the arena security and the police forces.”
· "The commitments of Zalgiris Kaunas: a) "the Macius brothers will not be allowed to enter Zalgirio arena anymore and will be banned for life" and b)"Moreover, to avoid any incidents in the future, Zalgiris club in close cooperation with Zalgirio arena security department is going to take the additional measures to prevent any possible incident. The separate entrance for visiting basketball team will be established. It will be separated by the protective fences and additional security guards between the bus and the entrance to arena."
· "Zalgiris Kaunas has not been sanctioned for similar facts in the course of the current season."
· "The incident was an isolated action committed by brothers."

Besides the independent judge's decision, Euroleague Basketball has decided to ban for life the access or participation of the aggressors, the brothers Nauris and Normunds Macius, in any event directly organized by the company, including Turkish Airlines Euroleague and Eurocup games. Euroleague Basketball will work together with international basketball stakeholders to study a system for communicating and enforcing bans in other competitions. In parallel, it will recommend that the aggressors are banned from all basketball events, including club and national-team games.

Euroleague Basketball would like to reiterate to all its fans, partners and television broadcasters across the globe who share our values, that the security and well-being is our utmost priority. We will always ensure that the enjoyment of our games is in line with the universal values of the sport. We will have zero tolerance toward violence in Euroleague arenas.