MytiGO becomes EuroLeague Final Four official reservations marketplace

May 14, 2018 by Print
MytiGO becomes EuroLeague Final Four official reservations marketplace

It's a problem sports fans have faced for generations. You follow your favorite team anywhere, but you don't have tickets for the big game that they just qualified for. Or maybe you bought tickets to the big event in advance, but then your team did not qualify.

Euroleague Basketball has teamed with MytiGO to solve the problem! Starting next season with the 2019 Final Four and continuing through the two that follow, MytiGO will be the official reservations marketplace of the EuroLeague Final Four.

MytiGO's cutting-edge and user-friendly platform allows fans who have purchased a Final Four ticket through -- but wish to go only if a specific team plays -- to sell such a reservation in advance to other fans who would go to the Final Four only if their own team plays.

"With this partnership, Euroleague Basketball not only helps solve a dilemma for its fans but also helps them save money by offering tickets at face value," Roser Queralto, Euroleague Basketball’s Chief Development Officer, said. "It is a win-win situation that benefits the EuroLeague, our loyal fans and MytiGO."

MytiGO (formerly Ticket2Final) has been selling value-added services to teams' fans for many years, and has recently launched a new website under a new brand that significantly expands the products it provides.

"The company's services significantly optimize the trading of tickets for playoff events in general and for Euroleague Final Four in particular”, Eyal Bechor, CEO of MytiGO, said: “Teams' fans can secure their seats for an event only for the team that interests them. Thus, they significantly lower costs and also get a much more suitable product for their needs. Today, more than ever, it is worthwhile for a fan to buy a ticket from the league in advance and immediately offer it for sale on the condition that the team he chose does not qualify. He will immediately receive some of his money back. If his team qualifies the ticket remains his; if his team does not qualify, he will receive the official price of the ticket as well. That’s right, fans can secure their seats now and decide to attend the event later, when their team qualifies".