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Tradicinis, 2024-25

Tradicinis, 2024-25

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Dotted line: Playoffs Qualification
Solid line: Play-In Showdown Qualification

*denotes teams that have qualified to the playoffs by finishing in the top six.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague tiebreakers

When all teams have played each other twice:

  1. Best record in head-to-head games between all tied teams.
  2. Higher cumulative score difference in head-to-head games between all tied teams.
  3. Higher cumulative score difference for the entire regular season.
  4. Higher total of points scored for the entire regular season.
  5. Higher sum of quotients of points in favor and points against of each match played in the regular season.

If a tiebreaker does not resolve a tie completely, a new tiebreak process is initiated with only those teams that remain tied.

All points scored in overtimes will not be counted in the standings nor for any tie-break situation.