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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball
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·         Community Partner: Laureus Sport for Good Italia

·         Social Issue: Community Cohesion - At Risk Youth

·         Ambassadors: Kyle Hines, Gigi Datome

·         Main Life Skills: Problem solving, communication, managing emotions

About the program:

This season, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan is celebrating the fifth year of its partnership with Laureus Sport for Good Italia, an international movement inspired by Nelson Mandela which has the vision of using the power of sport to end violence, discrimination, and hardship. Laureus has been helping children aged from 6 to 18 around the world since 2005. This includes working with kids from different cultural backgrounds, those at risk of stepping outside of the law or those who live in situations of social, cultural, and economic distress, as the ideals of psychological well-being and social inclusion are promoted. The program includes two groups, where the first group consists of seven classes of children, of which there are more than 100 participants between the ages of 12 and 13. This group will focus on specific life skills, such as problem solving, communication and managing emotions, to ensure that they understand the importance of integration with regard to the collective. The second group is formed with last season’s One Team participants, with approximately 20 children being given the opportunity to form a basketball team.