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·         Community Partner: General Directorate of the Juvenile Penitentiary Centre (CPJ)

·         Social Issue: Community Cohesion - Prison

·         Ambassadors: Oscar Da Silva, Oriol Pauli, Magatte Niang

·         Main Life Skills: Commitment, Respect, Effort, Humility, Teamwork and Ambition.

About the program:

FC Barcelona, alongside its foundation and the General Directorate of the Juvenile Penitentiary Centre (CPJ), is working to create a team made up of the center's residents, together with One Team instructors, to use basketball as a tool for education and for learning values. The program will feature 15 to 20 men between the ages of 18 and 24, with the main objectives being:

o   To promote sporting activities designed to encourage the participants to take initiative and accept responsibilities.

o   To promote activities that foster respect for teammates, opponents and established rules.

o   To offer platforms for dialogue and exchange to foster cohesion and social integration.

o   To provide tools for future employability.

The sessions are being held from October 2022 to June 2023. Each One Team session consists of three parts: a warm-up activity, followed by a cooperation challenge, a sport introduction activity and then feedback. The activities and life skills to work on have been chosen with each participant's needs in mind, as they experience those life skills in their own unique way. The program will focus on several life skills, including commitment, respect, effort, humility, teamwork and ambition.