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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball
  • Community partner: SBHL & Black Prince Trust
  • Social issue: Community Cohesion - Refugees
  • Ambassadors: Gabe Olaseni, Conor Morgan
  • Main life skills: Communication, team building, confidence

About the program:

This season, the London Lions are partnering with SBHL, a leading provider of the UK Government's provision of temporary accommodation for those seeking asylum in the UK. Through London’s program, it aims to help the integration of immigrants and asylum seekers to the wider pan-London Community by working on communication, team building and confidence. There are 50 to 60 young people between the ages of 10 and 15 – and their families – who seeking asylum, and they begin their sessions in December. In order to ensure the community’s full integration, One Team Ambassadors Gabe Olaseni and Conor Morgan are expected to be joined for certain sessions by other players and the head coach of the team, Petar Bozic. The participants will also be invited to the club’s basketball camp free of charge.