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Social Partner: ANKA Sports Club & Anadolu Efes Sports Academy

Social Issue: Gender equality and community cohesion with at-risk youth

Ambassador: Erten Gazi Main Life Skills: Team building, confidence, time management, motivation, respect, problem solving, decision making, personal responsibility.

About the program: This season Anadolu Efes Istanbul is working on the topics of gender equality, good health and quality of life. The program’s social partners are ANKA Sports Club, an Istanbul based sports club that provides basketball education for children, and Anadolu Efes Sports Academy, part of the Anadolu Efes Sports Club’s youth team system that has prior experience with One Team. The club’s aim is to build physical activity habits after the Covid lockdowns with 20 participants - 10 girls and 10 boys – and focusing on social skills such as team building, confidence, motivation and respect among many others. Session take place for two hours a week from April to May 2022.