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Community partner: Gizarterako Association

Social issue: Community cohesion – at risk youth

Ambassadors: Jayson Granger, Simone Fontecchio

Main life skills: teamwork, respect, tolerance and healthy lifestyle

About the program:

Bitci Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz is continuing to deliver its One Team program together with the Gizarterako Association, an open association with a strong street presence and a dynamic and participatory nature. The program has been developed with a focus on social integration in the region, as the club’s 5+11 Foundation works on the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits with local boys and girls. Basketball is used to encourage positive values such as healthy lifestyles, respect, teamwork and tolerance. The program is dedicated to children from immigrant backgrounds and those with the potential to become excluded from society. This season 16 children will participate. Two groups have been created with boys and girls aged 5 to 12, with the program lasting from October to May. The program includes activities such as music and yoga workshops, as well as participation in different camps organized by the club and its foundation throughout the year. The program is supported by Michelin.