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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball

Community partner: Ayanot Youth Village

Social issue: Community Cohesion - At Risk Youth

Ambassadors: John Dibartolomeo, Oz Blayzer, Doron Jamchy, Nikola Vujcic

Main Life Skills: Teamwork, commitment, self-confidence

About the program:

For the seventh consecutive season, Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv has developed its One Team program with the Ayanot Youth Village, an educational center with its own values, learning culture and recreational activities. The Village community supports educational practice based on the values of tolerance, equality and social involvement. They aspire for each of their pupils to express and realise their potential, and to develop excellence and leadership academically, in their values, and in their contribution to society. Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv will work with 13-16 boys between the ages of 13-18 to encourage the youths to continue pursuing their dreams for a better future. This acts to encourage them to stay in school and improve their education, support their social and educational environment and providing them with tools to help them make the right choices in life, and to develop the ability to work as a team. It is crucial at this age to have guidance and role models to look up to and help them to get on their own path to success.