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Community Partner: Adapted School Basketball

Social Issue: Intellectual Disability

Ambassador: Walter Tavares

Main Life Skills: Respect, healthy habits, motivation, and self-esteem

About the Program:

Real Madrid continues to incorporate its One Team activities for participants with disabilities who usually do not find many opportunities to play into the successful program of Real Madrid Fundacion’s Adapted School Basketball. The main objective of the program is to contribute to the development of skills and abilities, promote the teaching of basketball and facilitate the participants’ integral development, by providing high-quality related basketball activities. The program is made up of more than 240 people from 12 years old, male and female, and takes place at 12 distinct locations around Madrid. The sessions started in October and run until June, twice a week with one hour duration each. The program promotes respect, autonomy, equality, companionship, health, motivation, and self-esteem.