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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball

Community Partner: Ukranian Community in Riga

Ambassadors: Illia Sydorov, Ivan Tkachenko, Tai Odiase

Main Life Skills: Communication, team building

About the Program:

Prometey Slobozhanske is continuing its One Team program with children and youngsters from the Ukranian community in Riga, where they have been displaced due to the ongoing military conflict in their country. The program aims to improve the kids’ mental and physical wellbeing, to create opportunities for social interaction by meeting new people and players during the season and enhance life skills, such as communication and teamwork. Apart from the biweekly sessions, the 25 participants aged between six to 14, and their families will be invited to attend all of Prometey’s home games in Riga.