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One Team Euroleague BasketballOne Team Euroleague Basketball
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  • Community partner: Hayatin Arti Biri Youth and Sports Club
  • Social issue: Intellectual disabilities
  • Ambassador: Berk Demir
  • Main life skills: Self-confidence

About the Program:

This season, Turk Telekom Ankara is implementing its One Team program with the help of Hayatin Arti Biri Youth and Sports Club, which brings together people with Down Syndrome between the ages between 10 and 35 and offers them opportunities to partake in sports such as athletics, swimming, and basketball. Through its One Team program, the club is trying to help integrate individuals with Down Syndrome into society by using the power of basketball as a tool for good. Turk Telekom wants to make the participants feel like members of society, in addition to encouraging them to reveal their talents, increase their self-confidence and improve their motor skills. The participants in the program include 16 people, both male and female. The sessions are held two times a week, with a mix of new and former participants from last season. Turk Telekom's One Team Ambassador for 2022-23 is forward Berk Demir.